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Doom Marine

AV Map06 Coop Demo

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Its been awhile since I recorded any demo since DV's demopack, but I found it really fun to take a lil' break from mapping and get a feel for the game once again.

http://www.geocities.com/aaarogance/ or

This is a co-op demo between my cousin and I, probly won't break any record or inspire any new tricks, but still worth a look.

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I can? How?

BTW, the par time as I recalled is about 25 minutes, that's far from compet-n quality... hell, that was our first time surviving a co-op AV06 from scratch w/o dying... lag is pretty bad for dodging those cybo rockets =p

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I saw most of them before... the 2002 compet-n demopack and all... especially for the harder maps like map26 and map32 where I had to watch it repeatedly. I still like to record stuff for fun and even though my skills are not all that great =)

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