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Multiplayer Console creature Spawn

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Is there any possibility as to enable the console in multiplayer? COM_enableconsole = "0" in multiplayer and "1" in single player makes me believe so. How would I go about allowing players to spawn creatures in Doom multiplayer?

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Console already works for me in multiplayer, but it doesn't let you use any cheats or codes, not even spawning monsters. So, unless you can find a backdoor through it or somebody makes a monster-enabled MOD for MP, then I have no idea.

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By default com_allowconsole is 0, requiring a key combo of ctrl+alt+tilde to activate. If you create an autoexec.cfg and put in

seta com_allowconsole 1

inside of it then you should have the console no matter what. Of course you can't do things like put cheats in and stuff because it's multiplayer.

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