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Doom3 auto-dials to the net whenever i run the game

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i just recently been having this problem. at first i set zone alarm to not allow it to connect to the internet and it didnt. the next day it connects using my dial up account without my permission! i exit doom3 and disconnect the connection. a few seconds later it tried to get online again, and again... so i rebooted. i checked my firewall zone alarm and doom3 is blocked of any internet access. i checked internet explorer Tools>Internet Options>Connections and "Never dial a connection" is checked yet it connects regardless. I ran Trend Micros free online virus scan and results came up clean, however my Anti-Virus program did detect a worm in my system32 folder a couple days ago b4 this problem began and i deleted it as instructed by the virus scanner. i think this is unrelated, but i could be wrong.

i have never d/led any mods for this game nor would i need to since dial up users like myself cant play this game online.

i want to know why doom3 dials to the internet everytime i run the game when i blocked it in my firewall, disabled auto connecting in IE, and assuming i have no trojans, which would typically dial home doom3 cdkey info when i NEVER d/led anything related to Doom3 period.

this is driving me nuts :(

p.s. i noticed this problem began after i had installed Windows XP updates, dunno if this is the culprit. i was able to deny doom3 internet acess sucessfully b4 the updates, now it has a mind of its own and its taken charge! :(

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Unless you downloaded the updates directly from Microsoft's website, it sounds like maybe one of the "updates" you downloaded was a Auto-Dialer Trojan, or through any other way. Dialer's usually force you to connect to a 900-number to accrue charges.

You can look through many different dialer trojans on Symantec's website here: http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/auto/index/indexD.html

Best of luck and I hope you solve your problem.

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i finally solved the problem! Windows XP updates installed a Service called Remote Access Auto Connection Manager, in the task manager its listed as rasautou.exe... Creates a connection to a remote network whenever a program references a remote DNS or NetBIOS. So i went into services.msc and i disabled this service from running.

stupid windows updates always gives me garbage i dont want! grrrr! ;(

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i disable auto updates, i download updates when there is a need. half the time they are for IE or outlook, which i dont use anyways.

however do check your system out to make sure you dont have trojans, spyware and autodialers

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