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Running poorly = Help Needed!!

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Does anybody know why Doom3 is running slow on my PC. I know jack all about video cards and everything, so I need help. :)

I have a GeForce MX 4000
523,764 KB RAM
2.00 GHz

I have a 1152x864 flatscreen moniter too, I dunno if that would have anything to do with the slowness...

I run the game on 640x480 low detail, no shadows, no surround sound, no special effects etc. and it still runs slow.

I'm also not sure how to work out how many frames per second the games running. Could somebody tell me that too?


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You're basically at the very bottom of the system requirements on your video card, which is probably the most likely cause. Check your card settings to make sure Anti-aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering are set to Application controlled and make sure your Image Quality settings are set to Performance or High-Peformance. Make sure ALL drivers for your video card, sound card and what not are updated. Barring that you'll need to upgrade, preferably the video card first.

To check your frame rate type 'com_showFPS 1' in the console (use CTRL-ALT-'~' to get to the console -> '~' is the key immediately to the left of the '1' key on most keyboards.)

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with your specs you should be able to play at a reasonable framerate! try to create an autoexec.cfg in your base folder. here's a link to help you make1:

second thing i would recommend you to do, would be extracting all the pk files included in your base folder with winrar! but to be on the safe side, make a copy of your base folder anywhere exept in doom3, like say your desktop for example! once you're done extracting all those pk files in your new copied base, just delete the pk files that are in there! this tweak is good for users with only 512megs\ram! once all that is done, just switch the base folders! the idea is to keep the original base intact just so that you can switch anytime you want if you need to play multiplayer!

hope this help a little!

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Wow. My framerate is about 40 in small places with no effects or anything, and it is 11 in large open spaces...
Thanks people, guess I'm gonna have to get a new video card. :)

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