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doom with low framerates... not too fun

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Recently I bought a new computer that I put together myself.

AMD Athlon XP3000+ 2,167 GHz
Abit NF7-S2 socket A mainboard
OCZ 2*512 PC-3200 (400MHz) ddr ram
Maxtor Diamondmax plus 9 160Gb harddrive
Geforce FX5900XT 128mb ddr
Q-tec midi tower ATX L-MD2
Win2000 sp4

Problem is that doom3 (and lots of other games too ex. joint operations, vice city and Heroes of M&M 4(!)) run sluggish and with low framerates. Its quite frustrating. I have updated all my drivers and dx9c etc. Nothing seems to help. I acutally changed my ram recently and that helped slightly, but not enough. Windows runs smoothly, no problems with that. Only games, doom3 stutters and is almost unplayable when something happens (opening doors, monsters etc.)

If anyone has any suggestions to what I can do to make my computer perform better I would really appreciate it!!! Is there programs that I could use to check for performance etc?

Thanks in advance!

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You should down the ForceWare drivers for NVidia. Don't ask me where to find them anymore, but you could probably Google it and find some.

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I found the nforce thing! No difference.. Thanks anyway!!

I checked my framerates and when something happens it drops to around 4-9... Its quite unplayable. Hope someone has any idea what to do! Its extremely frustrating!!

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