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need help im lost -delta labs 2

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im in delta labs 2 right after recyclying sector 2 i think. there is a 4-way room with a green haze in it. i went through a door and talked to the scientist who said he would give me access to the other rooms. i went through all the other rooms over and over for probably an hour and it was so long i dont even remember if there was an objective given.the map is right after sarge said he would meet you somewhere so i guess im going to fight him next. hopefully i have given enough detail for someone to know what im talking about and if not please tell me the command to move to the next map.

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Go to Biological Research and head to the Hazardous Materials cargo area. After clearing the monsters and picking up the goodies, choose box 3 and wait for it to lower onto the platform. When that's done, choose #3 again and jump on the platform and when the platform is near the wall, jump to the ledge and go into the vent to proceed.

After going through the vent, there is a locked room (optional) which houses the BFG, use code 931 to retrieve it if you want. Onwards up some stairs into another room there is a computer which will deactivate the halon system so you can enter that office and proceed.

You don't battle Sarge until you pass the first Central Processing level, which is after returning from Hell.

I hope this helps.

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i did get to where you mentioned - the vent and the halon system then i dont know where to go after that.i just keep ending up in the 4way room. sorry i didnt mention those parts also

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thanks for trying to help mr chris. i had to go back to some posts on planetdoom from aug 7th. alot of people were having truble in delta 2. i somehow missed the plasma cell in the server room even though i was there probably 10 times

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corey said:

i somehow missed the plasma cell in the server room even though i was there probably 10 times

hehe, my brother was stuck in there, too. He later told me that this plasma cell looked so freaking good that he thought it was part of the level architecture.

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