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It's Radiant!

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For those of you crazy 3D level designers (you mean I can have this room over another room!?) you should know that the popular level editor Radiant now supports Doom 3. I know Doom 3 already has a level editor built into it, but this is useful for anyone who is already familiar with Radiant plus it will probably start up quicker than the Doom 3 level editor, but I can't be sure about these things. Either way if you're looking to start Doom 3 level editing you may want to give it a shot if you can't figure out the Doom 3 built-in editor.

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kristus said:

You do realise that the built in editor is a version of Radiant aswell?

roffing out loud

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rolling on the floor.. farting!?

god damn, is anyone else getting those 'tickle' ads, I have cookies turned off and goddamn pop-windows telling me to turn cookies on, I hate this damn company (I haven't played doom 3 yet...)

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