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Searching a doom 1 map

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Okay gentlemen, I am searching a doom 1 wad, I don't know the name,
Julian told me about this wad a long time ago, I asked ,but his memory is no more like it used to be. :)
The wad has bars which block doors, and apparently which can move.
Julian told me at the time it was a surprising trick.
It can be a single map or a megawad, but I am pretty sure this is SP.

Please help >:O

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ho gosh, it's Deathmatch and zdoomed :D I had all wrong....
I am a bit disapointed though..Even if it's a very usefull kind of
trick.Gothic dm is a pretty good wad btw, long life to the author(s).
about 3d system in eternity...How it works? And is there some demo
wad showing that?

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