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sounds slow doom 3

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Doom 3 with sounds runs a lot slower than the timedemo.
I tried to play without sounds and the game run better. I'm playing
in high quality. Which console commands can I use to reduce sound quality a bit keeping high level details?

this is my conf:
- 2.6GHz with Hyper-Threading.
- Nvidia ge-force 5900xt 128 Mb (overclocked)
- 512 Mb RaM.
- soundmax


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I have no problems running in High Quality in 800x600 using my Radeon 9700 with 128MB of video RAM.

Anyways, if you check in the configuration menu, there should be somewhere that you can set the sound quality.

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i also have SoundMAX audio without any problems whatsoever. tho i use GeForce FX5700LE 256MB in high quality. try updating your sound card's driver. also try playing in medium quality to see if the problem exists there. if it doesnt you've found your problem.

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