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Radon X800 Not Working With Doom3

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Hey all.

Alright so my little story gos like this: Up until a few days ago I was still running with a radon 9200, which got the snot kicked out of by doom3. Knowing that It was well over due for an upgrade I went shopping and came home with my band spanking new radon x800 pro. I set it all up and away I went. But noooo could have that. For some reason when ever I start a game, new or loaded, everything and I do mean >everything< turns jet black. Even with brightness cranked all the way I can not see anything. Dark game I know, but with monitor, card and doom setting all the up I still can't see anything but a light or two off screens.

I tried reinstalling it. Mess around with card settings pretty much everything I could think of. But that's not saying much.

What makes all this worse is that everything but the game that pushed me to get a new card works great. Eats up benchmarks great...but not doom3.

Sorry if something along these lines have been answered, I did take while reading topics but couldn't find anything.

So yeah, help please.

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does your powersupply meet minimum requirments. if you own an HP or something i would guess no. you need atleast a 400watt powersupply, maybe more for the X800. if you own a DELL you MUST buy a dell powersupply!

open the case and check the powersupply, make sure everything is plugged in. also unplug any of that lame ass shit, like lights and such, until you get the card working. if it is say a 250 watt PS then ou need to buy a new one.

if the powersupply is 400watts+ and the card manual says that is ok then check drivers

first make sure you have an up to date BIOS, then update AGP drivers fallowed by latest ATI drivers. if that doesnt work, talk to ATI

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Okay, the hardware itself is fine. I am running on 300 watts which I checked before I laid down the cash, and it's fine on 300.

I wondered if it didn't support my card in the australian ver. Seeing as how the card just-ish came out. And if their was a way I could make sure it was supported...Seeing as how is wasn't listed in minimum requirements.

I'm pretty sure all my drivers are right.

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400+ watt PSU is not necessary. the only time your computer will ever use that amount of power is during boot up. i dont know the specs on the X800 but i do know that on the GeForce 6800 Ultra the PSU spec is 350 watts. 300 watts is a bit low by todays standards, however i dont think lack of power is whats causing your problem since you claim that you can run the TimeDemo fine your essentially playing the game at its peak power consumption. Try stress testing the card using 3DMark03. This will benchmark your card pushing it to its limits so u can narrow down the source of the problem.


i forgot to mention, also install the directX 9.0b which comes with your doom3 CD, or download 9.0C from MS website if you haven't already.

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1.- ATI catalyst drivers
2.- install directX 9
3.- power suply is NEEDED.
specially if you have a lot of hardware ( like 2hdds, 2 cdroms and sound card..etc..etc.. )
im using a 450W atm. on my 9800 pro.
so no problems here.

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Okay. I have done a few benchmarks, for wank value, and on 3Dmark03 I got a little under 10000. On 01 I can get 17000, which isn't really close that what the store card did, when I got them to do it before I got it. Power can't be the issue, the card does have a socket for a power supply, which is plugged in fine.

I have the latest ati drivers, catalyst and what not. DirectX 9 from the doom3 disk.

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