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Read all about it, source ports!

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many of you are new to doom because of doom III. well doom was released 10 years ago, almost 11. the collectors edition comes with doom95. this is a very horrible doom port to windows and was originaly done to show off the then new directX. It was never updated and has more bugs than the original doom.exe for DOS. doom.exe may or may not work in windows2000/XP, its not worth the headache trying to tweak when you have ports for windows. like Prboom/boom, zdoom, legacy, edge, MBF and many others.
the doom source code was released sometime, i think, in 1997. so there are many ports out there now.

many people like and use zdoom. on top of bug fixes these often add new features, like slopes and high res.
zdoom can be found at zdoom.org

also check out doomworld's "source port" section. I would recomend that ports be used, if you are a doom purist then either dual boot, grab an emulator(these are not too good right now) or drag out/build a classic 486/pentium system

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You can say that, plus this is pointless spam, since the General Doom Forum already has a sticky mentioning them. And that is where "newbies" post. Not to mention there's a link to the Source Ports section on the front page.

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