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Dr.Bertruger changed??

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Theres a rare bug I got once when entering the MONORAIL STATION.
if you notice once you get to the monorail station sector 2, you will see a cinematic of one of the main characters stunning a commando and then transforming him into a demon.
well the bug is the following

the first time I went.. the guy who "summons" was NOT BERTRUGER!!!
it was the fat guy in suit with sunglases doing the summon. I tought it was normal it was my first time there....
but then I got killed by the first commando because I started with low hp (in my first meeting with a commando had 35 HP )
then restarted over before I activatingr the monorail, so I seen the cinematic again.. but the character now was bertruger.. I was like.. WTF ???

anyone seen this behavior?

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no it is Dr. Bertruger.
fat guy with sun glasses? you mean swan?

I know the scene you are talking about, but other than that i have no idea what you are talking about

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You probably only thought it looked like Councilor Swann the first time, but when you looked at him again, you realized it was Dr. Bertruger. You may have been out of it at the first time, I know I was when I finally got to that part of the game.

And Councilor Swann isn't fat.

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