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The Baron

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Still in progress I assume. I'll save my critique for then. Curious about the red hand though.. is that off a toy?

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I'm not sure how I'm going to paint it. but I will most likely paint it red like the box art rather then the redish pink of the original game.
it's by no means finished but it was originaly the Unreaveler action Fig from the diablo line.

"Why does it have a codpiece anyway? =/"

I'm not sure what you mean by that? but maybe I should make it's crotch like one of the doom3 baddies.

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Infinite Ammunition said:

Please fix its crotch ffs, that's creepy

i noticed that too, somebodys packing..

its really good man, and even if you dont colour it in it will still look good, i mean think of it, an albino baron

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Looking great so far. I hope you add more mass to the neck and shoulders.

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An albino baron? wouldn't that be the Hell Knight? I'm painting it for sure. most likely red. Definitly a more beefy neck, but right now I need to pop the head off when I want to work on it so I'll leave that till last. I won't sculpt fur on the legs but I'll paint them brown. and no hair on the chest. But maybe for my Next baron. :)

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