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Forever DooM returns: Episode 2-The Sector of Death

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Forever DooM returns...

Let the obsession begin.......AGAIN!!!!!
Well, here i have Episode 2, all done and finished, for your viewing.

Episode Two...
ThE SeCtOr Of dEaTh

The Giant thing growls at the DooMguy, Scott Carter. "Oh SHIT." He says. The Hell Knight decides to load his rocket launcher. Scott races through the Knight's legs. Scott runs through the broken doorway, finding 3 zombie guys ahead. Crap, no ammo. He then looks behind him to find a miracle that would save him. He finds...the chainsaw. Quickly, Scott dives at the chainsaw. The zombies draw closer. The Hell Knight draws forward. All suddenly becomes quiet. Every motion stops. The P.A. system adresses "All plant workers evacuate. Radiation levels critical." Well, it's all downhill from here. Quickly, Scott starts the chainsaw. The zombieguys load their guns, and the Hell Knight...um...gets ready. Scott charges at thew zombies, cutting them in pieces. The hell knight sneaks behind Scott, as he gathers all the guns. The hell knight proceeds to scratch Scott on his back. Scott screams in pain. The hell knight also splatters sludge on him. Scott becomes unconcious.

4 hours later...
Scott wakes up. He finds himself covered in plutonium, blood, sludge, and bones. He looks where he's at. Scott finds himself hanging over the core of the nuclear plant. This must be deadly, but after probably 2-3 hours of this, Scott seems perfectly healthy. He hears groaning behind him. And he hears fire. Maybe he's not the only human in this room.

Scott knows now that someone is tied to him. But is he/she alive????? Scott decides to find out. "Hello? anyone there?" Silence for 5 seconds...and then "Yeah. Get me the hell out of here. I'm about to be roasted by these white things." Scott says "No, i'm tied to you. We're being hung over the power plant core, we must be. It's pitch black." The other guy says,"Well, fuck this. I need to get out of here." "But something's wrong. The plant has had a meltdown and strange creatures seem to be coming from nowhere. And by the way,what's your name?" "Chris. And you are...an asshole, i presume?" "Look, if we're gona get out of here, we're going to have to swing from side to side. We are probably tied to a pipe above us. So, now swing back and i'll swing forward."

Scott's plan worked, as they both jumped clear of the open reactor. They were in pitch black still though. "Chris, do you have a flashlight?" "Yeah. Let's turn it on." Chris proceeds to turn on the flashlight. Straight ahead of them is the doorway out. They both walk out of the room. The next room has lights. But Scott spots something in the distance. He sees 3 imps and a zombie communicating. Scott decides to pull out his shotgun, but-it's gone!

Scott threw the gun at the imp. Well, that was really fricking smart. The gun falls into the radioactive sludge.

"Chris, gimme your gun." "i have no gun. Go find your own." Scott now looks for a black berserk pack. Aha! Scott finds one behind him on the wall. But Scott must be careful, because before the floor and wall meet there is a sludge "river" that flows throughout the plant. Scott succesfully reaches and grabs the berserk pack. He gives Chris a pill. "Take this, man. It'll help you kill those bastards ahead of us." Scott and Chris both swallow the pills, and suddenly feel a rush, an urge to kill. Scott shouts "Come and get me, asshole!" The imps and zombie look at them and come charging at them. An imp launches a fireball, but Scott dodges it like a dodgeball and throws his fist through the imp. Meanwhie, Chris takes on the zombie. "Come on you bitch, is that the best you have?" The zombie keeps shooting his pistol, but Chris dodges it really swiftly. "Take this and piss off!" Chris lunges his fist right into the zombie's chest. The zombieguy goes down quickly. Scott and Chris then take care of the 2 imps left, and sit down to rest.

"Damn, that was fun!" Chris said. Scott decided it was time to know who was Chris. "Hey Chris, do ya work here or what?" "Uh...I'm a College guy in Chicago. "Cool, im in da military. It sucks dick, though." Scott looks around, not paying attention to Chris. He sees a door. Maybe they're getting closer to Sector 13. Scott runs to the door, finding it locked. He gets pissed off and kicks the door. It breaks open. Hmmm... Scott yells for Chris to come, and he follows. Scott and Chris enter a cramped, dark hallway and a sign with a nearly burnt out light that says "You are now walking on Sector 12's alternate route 12-9. Proceed to the left for the Sector's steam area and Plant route P-6, and Proceed to the right to continue on Alternate route 12-9." Sector 12's steam area must have monsters. Or, Scott and Chris could take Plant Route 6. Scott and Chris approach the Intersection. "Scott, let's take a left." They proceed to proceed left to Plant route 6 and the steam area, where radioactive steam is at its strongest. They find the end of the dark hallway. They find a metal door with a skull on it. They open it, leading it to a pitch black room. "Scott, WTF we do now?" Suddenly, besides Scott and Chris's breath, a deep, long breath is heard throughout the room. The door starts to close. A sound of a shotgun being loaded is heard.
Dammit, i know its short, but hey, there's gonna be 9 episodes and i can't do everything in one. So, POST YOUR COMMENTS! I need more people telling me if it sucked, ruled, or if it was ok. Look for episode 3 coming soon. Remember to look for Episode 3- ThE HaLl oF DoOm soon, but not very soon. Thanks for reading this and post your comments, dammit!


Still not even close to done, but episode 3 has been started.

DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go check it out here:

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