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help with duct tape mod

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i tried the duct tape mod and didnt like it so i deleted it from m ycomputer i also have the enhanced doom mod with the flashy sounds and the body blow back from the shot gun.in enhanced doom the shot gun doesnt have a flashlight.i took a save game out of the enhanced save file moved it to the doom3 base folder ran it and now i have the damn flashlight again someone please help me to get rid of this nuisance.i would like to play doom3 with no mods at all and i dont want to have to erase the woule game and reload.

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Unless you've modified the original .pk4 files, removing any extra .pk4 files and additional folders will probably make it all better again. However, if you or your mods have modified original files (very bad!) then you will need to at least replace those .pk4's from the CDs.

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