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How to use PDA??

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Well, I feel like an idiot and hestitated quit long before asking, but now here it is:
I'm far from a computer expert but with good memories to the old DOOM-games I installed DOOM3 and now I'm trying to get the thing started.
Everything OK until I need to use the PDA.
I use the default TAB-button and, yes, my PDA pops up, including a blue introduction screen, saying 'click to continue'.
However I've clicked in all positions, used all buttons om my keyboard, at last hit my keyboard, but I can't get rid of that annoying blue screen everytime I try to use the PDA.
What is it I don''t see or do wrong????
Please help me, otherwise I'm DOOMed to stop gaming.


by the way: I think I need a new keyboard

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Same thing happens to me. Just exit out and re-enter your PDA and try clicking on the thing that says click to continue. If that doesn't work, try again clicking in the blue box. If those two fail, try again and click outside the blue box, preferably on one of the three buttons in the top-left corner. That's how I usually get it to dissapear.

I don't why it's so bugged, but it is. Oh, and best of luck on your Dooming experience.

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