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Doom sounds CD

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I found out how to record any output to my speakers, which means no microphone required. I made a 12-track CD that's ENTIRELY the sounds of me playing Doom. 62 minutes! :)

I was wondering if I should try selling copies of this novelty to hard-core Doom fans on my site (olddoom.com). What do you think?

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Could buy it and totally freak people out with it when I cruise down the street. Crank it, pump the subwoofer, roll down the windows, and see how those ghetto-blasters in the next lane over react.

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deathbringer said:

Or we could make it ourselves with a Fisher price tape recorder and the volume turned up...

Yeah, I guess... but: buying this cd (1) has better quality than a tape, (2) has no interuptions that recording with a microphone would cause (someone knocking on your door, the player coughing, etc.), and (3) would save you time and effort.

I was thinking $3 a CD ($1 for the price to buy a CDR, $1 for shipping, and $1 for the CD). What do you tink? Would anyone want a copy?

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no offense, but i wouldn't buy seeing as i could just go ahead and make this myself by plugging in a cable in some hardware...

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