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(In case you never check out the WADs and MODs forum, I'll post my topic here.)

My project for Pollution Planet: 2050 was abandoned the day I announced it. What a terrible loss.

However, I am now starting on a level for Ultimate that I just out of the blue started making last night for no reason. So far I have just 9 interconnected rooms, 4 doors with nothing beyond them, computer console sectors, an electric lamp in each corner of each room, and a player start (of course). The name I have chosen for this Technology Gone Wrong. If I have the time and patience, I'll start making more levels to add onto the episode.

Just thought you might like to know.

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Keep it alive. That may turn into a megawad before you know it. I'm currently working on 3 maps:

» Map19 of Stone Stratagems;
» Portal from my paper wads (may be map20);
» Some off-balance deathmatch map (still in beginning stage of development; looks more like a single-player map)

I wonder how Lazer is doing with Underworld... I should really visit his site more often.

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