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Continuity Issues, seems to be a lot more lately

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It's not like ID made these inconsistancies by accident. They're a gameplay device, the oxygen tanks only have a short amount of use in them because when you're playing the game it's crap scary trying to find a door whilst your oxygen is rapidly depleting. I sure as hell loved that little gameplay device, as well as not being able to use a flash light at the same time as a gun.

Perhaps people should stop trying to find reasons to dislike the game and find reasons as to why the game rocks.

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BuzWeaver said:

I wanted to respond to them separately.

Better to use a:





kind of format, I think.

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Verdale said:

We know it's a game, and game's are supposed to be fun. Some of you say the story doesn't matter and such, then taping a flashlight on the gun wouldn't matter, so why are you backing it up?

You guys take both sides on and off. On one side, you say it's a game, who cares, blah blah blah. On the other side, you say "Yeah but in real-life you can't do that blah blah blah". Stop trying to defend Doom's name and face the fucking facts. I'm a hardcore Doom fan, but I know when to admit when id software may have made a mistake.

I don't care about the flashlights or oxygen tanks or other shit. I want the MP game browser and netcode fixed, that's all I want.

I'm getting a bit tired of your attitude. For future reference: You don't 'vote' to close other peoples threads. You shut up and see if it happens by itself rather than proceeding to do the exact thing you claimed you wanted to avoid. Also, it's clear you think the game is imperfect but don't knock other people's reasoning; some people think realism matters more in some areas than others, and likewise with story cues. They're not constants to go bashing around with.

The same goes for others too. By all means put your points across but I'd rather we avoid questioning people's personal predispositions toward gameplay, realism etc.

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Heh my post in first quote. Kewl.

Also, I wasn't really bitching about it. I was just commenting on how it is wierd. :p

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You are NOT exposed to the Mars atmosphere at the beginning of the game. Watch the intro again. Before the ship touches down, a hatch opens to allow it access inside. That hatch is not open when you walk out.

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toxicfluff said:

As for the flashlight on gun thing, I wouldn't even bother trying to rationalise it. It seems silly to pick on one unrealistic element when there's a million more.

It's not whether it is unrealistic or not that bothers me. It's whether the feature makes the game more or less fun to play that is important. My feelings are that the game was too dark too much of the time. Very few bright areas ever. That wasn't scary for me (after a while), it was frustrating. I actually wanted see this frikken amazing looking game. If there had been areas that provided a break from the darkness, then having to go back into the dark would have been more scary IMO. However, it was just interminable dark area after dark area... As for using the flashlight, I personally would prefer to be able to use it with a weapon because the constant darkness bugged me (in fact, the place was even pretty dull before hell invaded). However, I can accept that id decided to try and build in a bit of strategy/gameplay/tension by you always having to choose whether to be able to see or to be able to fight. However, that simply wasn't a decision that I enjoyed the result of very much.

Coopersville said:

A bulk of complaints I've read are due to the players' shitty gaming abilities;...or that the screen reels too much when an enemy melee-attacks you.

Again, not shitty gaming abilities (for me at least) but the fun factor. I had very little difficulty completing the game. It's not especially hard! However, my head spinning round and me getting knocked half way down a corridor when getting hit was annoying. It made the game less fun for me to play. Possibly getting hit by a 4 ton Hell Knight, or being charged by a flaming head would knock you around the place, so it's "realistic" but if it's not fun (and to me it wasn't) it has no place in a game. Getting knocked about by the trites was possibly the most annoying for me. Again, getting hit from all sides and spun round on the spot by repeated attacks from inverted heads with legs may be "realistic" but it pissed me off. For me it wasn't a scary "oh no, I must get that trite before it gets me" it was an "oh no, I must get that trite before the game starts throwing me around again", often shortly followed by an "aaaah! this is fucking annoying I want to appreciate this fight, I even want to just be able to see it properly".

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