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doom load problems,

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Hi there, i've been tempted ino buying doom 3 by a mate after largely missing out on the first few beauties in the series (didnt own a pc at the time so my doom experience was ltd to the joys of fpsing on the playstation) anyway so far i'm enjoying every moment of the game even though i find it amazing how the creators of the game have managed to so perfectly encapsulate my all time worst fear in those spidery buggers. urgh. i am havig one slight problem though, due to being crap at most games i have over the years developed a tendency to save often over 3 slots; auto/level save and 1 save + 2 save.
now i'm on alpha labs level 3 and ive progressed to a certain point in the level to the extent where all my save slots are focused on that level however after closing down for the night when i tried to load my latest save i noticed that it kept actually loading the autosave. on the save screen it shows the slots as having different times on all slots and all of them show a different screen in the small preview window but no matter which one i click or how i click it it loads the autosave, now if i could be sure it was just a one off i'd do the level again but i dont want to have to do the whole level again everytime i close down the game for 10mins really so i was wondering if there was any helpful bod who knew a solution (however simple) to this prob?

It'd sure be much appreciated, yours, Dan

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Sure you have 384mb of ram? That's the bare minimum for doom3. 512 should do fine. And Make sure you have enough space for save games, they're 20mb each!

I'm really not sure about the time things though O_o. Reinstall doom3?

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