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Can't get Operation Arctic Wolf to run under doom 2 1.9 patch

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Ok I am a big Doom and Wolfenstein 3D fan so when I found out there was a Wolf Wad for Doom 2 I said Hell yeah thats going to rock. I love the ZDoom Program so I Got all the Wolfendoom Wads to play under it fine.

My problem is that for some reason Operation Arctic Wolf won't run under the 1.9 patch for Doom 2. All the other Wolfendoom Wads run fine with the 1.9 patch, but for some reason Arctic Wolf will not load.

This is how I have it set up:

C:\Doom\Zdoom.exe -file arctic.wad -file arctlev.wad -file arctgfx1.wad -deh arctic1.deh

Useing that set up Operation Arctic Wolf runs great under Doom 2, but will not run under Doom 2 if the 1.9 patch is in place. Does anyone know why? And can it be fixed?

Now I know what you are going to say, why not just play Arctic Wolf with out the 1.9 patch? My answer is because the 1.9 patch makes the game look better and the controls are smother, and some objects are not paseable(bones lieing on the floor) unless the 1.9 patch is in place. Also I would rather use Zdoom than any other Wad program. I could use Legacy, but It wont go into windowed mod(I don't like to play older game in full screen, it makes them look like crap.

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1.9 Patch Readme file
Applying the DOOM II patch:


1. Erase the current DOOM II directory completely and start with a
clean install of DOOM II v1.7a. This will make sure there are no
problems patching due to modified wad files or a modified DOOM2.EXE.

2. Unzip the file "PATCH.ZIP" into the DOOM2 directory.

3. Change to the DOOM2 directory (if you are not already there).

4. Type "PATCH"

5. After the patch is complete the message "Batch file missing" will
appear. Ignore it.

How to reach id Software:

AOL - idsoftwr1
CIS - 74250,2566
Internet - help@idsoftware.com

It fixes some bugs and sounds and other stuff that Id missed in 1.7.

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Zdoom already emulates doom2 1.9. Are you using Zdoom Version 2.0.63?

oh and you should only have one '-file'. Your command line should look like this.

C:\Doom\Zdoom.exe -file arctic.wad  arctlev.wad arctgfx1.wad -deh arctic1.deh
Also iirc Arctic Wolf starts after map01. Read the text file to see where it starts, and then warp to that level.

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There was a fair bit of discussion of this here.

If you use the version in the archive, then you need to download a patch called newarct.zip, which replaces the deh files and includes an extra little wad.

The command lines you need to use to play it in Zdoom are then:

zdoom -file arctic.wad gfx1.wad pistol.wad -deh arctic1.deh -warp 09 -skill 4
(to play map09-map19; adjust skill level according to taste)

zdoom -file arctic.wad gfx2.wad pistol.wad -deh arctic2.deh -warp 20 -skill 4
(to play map20-map25)

The textfile included in newarct.zip explains that this won't work correctly with Doom2.exe due to a problem with dehacked.

You should certainly use version 1.9 of the iwad. If you're using a port, then which version of Doom2.exe you have is irrelevant, since you won't be using it then. (Though applying the patch will make it 1.9, of course.)

I don't know if a save from the first set-up (GFX1 and ARCTIC1) will work after you switch to the second (GFX2 and ARCTIC2). But who uses savegames anyway? :p

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Arctic Wolf Readme file:
*Files Included*

ARCTIC.wad -- interface, textures, floors & Ceilings
ARCTLEV.wad -- maps
ARCTGFX1.wad -- sound and sprites
ARCTGFX2.wad -- additional sounds and sprites
ARCTIC1.deh -- patch file
ARCTIC2.deh -- additional patch file

Any who, I will try everything that has been suggested and see if that works and let you know what happens.

Edit: oops, I forgot to mention that it is the Special Edition of Arctic Wolf and I got if off of the Wolfendoom site: http://www.doomworld.com/wolfendoom/index2.html

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Ok well I got it to work, well kinda, but its hard to explain the situation my computer is in. Arctic Wolf work on ZDoom 2.0.63a but my video card is fried so I can only play low end games in Windowed mode but ZDoom 2.0.63a like needs more memory than the other versions of ZDoom, so my computer goes in like this slow motion glitcing thing every minute or so. I just wish I could get Arctic Wolf to work under ZDoom 1.22. Thats what I am playing the other Wolfendoom wads under. Oh well I guess I'll just have to wait to play Arctic Wolf after I get a new video card, witch should be some time befor the next millenium. LOL

Edit: Wow I finaly got Arctic Wolf to run in ZDoom 1.22. I don't know what I did but it worked. Thanx to all who helped me with this issue.

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