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Doom 3 + Creative Streak = Cards

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Tonight I got on a card making spree. In light of my month-long Doom 3 experience, I made a few Doom 3 cards, which now turned into many. At this moment my desktop is packed with screenshots of monsters, weapons, characters, and more just waiting to be used.

Anyway, here's what I've concocted. With it being 5 am in the morning and doing them overnight, I didn't really bother to try and "balance" them too much, for those of you who know anything about Magic: the Gathering enough to care what they do. I was more concerned about making the cards characteristic of their actual Doom 3 counterparts.

Dr. Malcom Betruger
Pinky Demon (renamed Bull Demon for the card, since "Pinky" on a MTG card is uh, ridiculous)
Delta Labs, Sector 2b
Site 3
[url=http://www.retetched.com/optix/artwork/mtgcards/Hell's%20Gate.jpg]Hell's Gate[/url]
Hell Temple

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Wow....those are rad, i'm also a huge fan of MTG cards

Same here.

I never liked the new lay-out of the MTG cards though...
The old one was waaaaaaay cooler.

There used to be MTG-clone called Doom*something*, At first I thought it was based on the original doom and got all exited about it, but then it turned out to be based on something entirely different :-(

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m0l0t0v said:

I never liked the new lay-out of the MTG cards though...
The old one was waaaaaaay cooler.

Eh I've gotten used to the new card face. There are some cards that I just couldn't really see fitting with the old card face that've came out since it got changed. If anything the new card frames are awesome for foils (I'm a "shiny king" as my friends call me, I have almost as many foils as I do rares, which is alot).

Anyway, I'll have more later today. I've made my own Mortal Kombat and also Matrix card games, so I may make my own Doom 3 cardgame. My friends liked the other two I made, I'm sure I could do an excellent job with this :)

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