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Deathmatch Map - Mancer01

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Sent this in to the news queue but I'll post this here also for the forum regulars: Cole "Manzer" Savage, who did some maps for the Quake 1 project "Zerstorer" and several stand-alone maps for various FPS games over the years, has released a deathmatch map for DOOM 3:


There's a neat effect when you fall into the bottomless pit :)

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He seems to have made DM maps for DOOM II during '96.

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Mancer's DOOM2 dm maps were top quality in their day.... his Quake incarnations aren't as good IMHO.
I look forward to this though.

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Great to see a classic deathmatch author returning to the DOOM franchise. By the looks and layout of his level, he's returned replete with his skills.

Cole can be credited for a lot of great DOOM2 gameplay; while his Smoke series left a lot to be desired, they were but babysteps leading to his now-classic Mancer series, a number of noteworthy contributions to Team TNT's deathmatch megawads, and personal favorite Damage01.

Hell, mustn't neglect his two (still unreleased, insofar as I know) maps for the renowned Requiem project which, for his first foray into single-player DOOM2 mapping, are quite good.

Welcome back, Cole.

Alliteratively yours,

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