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Sarge question

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Alright, a week or so ago I was gonna go through all the difficulties and try and beat Doom 3. Well, I have a question.

I hear people talking about fighting Sarge, but, I just beat it on Recruit and I didn't fight him at all...not once. Does he not appear in "recruit" difficulty? Or do you only fight him in Marine or whatever?

Second Question (but not that important), what level is the "Help Me" guy who's hanging from the ceiling. Not the impaled with spikes guy, but the one who is hanging from the ceiling or something like that.

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1 Sarge (as a mutated tank) is also refered to as "Sabaoth". You may have heard this term here in the forums occasionally.

2 Do you mean the guy where you first encounter the maggots? There are plenty of guys hanging from the ceiling in Doom 3.

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Oooooh. I didn't realize that thing was Sarge. I was expecting him to trap me in a room and shoot at me with a BFG or something. I didn't realize that weird tank-like thing was him.

I don't know. Someone has said in a post like "Why'd I kill him" or something like that where they described themself having sympathy for a guy who was hanging from the ceiling and shouting "help me!" or "please help me!"

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its in the start of the game, a guy falls thru the ceiling but is caught on wires. he isnt really alive, maybe a ghost says "help me", as you dont see his lips/mouth move.

ironicly i have yet to find "where is my baby?" i either wasnt paying any attention or its in a secret area

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The "They took my baby" part is down a hallway that you don't have to go down, so it is easy to miss.

You hear a voice near a door, and if you go through that door it takes you to the baby thing, then a panel opens up revealing some ammo and stuff.

But that particular hall is just a dead end, and you don't have to go down it to progress through the level, so not everyone will have seen it.

I can't remember the name of the level it is located on.

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