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omfg doom3 review!

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It sounds more like he's reviewing Doom 1 or 2, from the way he words his sentences...

"Graphics was all great back then..."


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"When you kill the monsters the explode or actually look like they were dying!!"

Sig worthy, His grammer is about at a 2nd grade level.

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just simply amazing because all you do is kill things......the logic is simple...live or die.

Thats exactly what DooM is all about, sizzle chest.

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I've recently seen a trend where people write articles with no punctuations except for "..." and use it as a conjunction. What's wrong with 'em?

I mean... they're so screwed up...the review is so crappy...coz they use so many "..."s...people these days... they really need better education lol...don't you agree?

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