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Dimensional Tremor

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Don't count on help for your project. I've started on a megawad myself too, and I'll be doing all the maps...good thing is, then at least I have total control... :-)

Tell us a little about this project of yours. I might be interested in (trying) to make a map for it. Is this one of those, where you have some Heretic monsters, some Duke Nukem weapons, and other stuff, making it one big mess to look at? :-)

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that was a bad review, he gave tremor a low score of 7 because it was to hard for him. so what if it's to hard for you?! alot of other people can beat it! if a wad's hard that doesn't mean the gameplay is bad. most of the wads that i consider to have good gameplay are tough.

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Yes, I certainly wouldn't say Tremor was hard on UV. It is easy to die early on if you try to play too much in "hero" style, but each battle can be tackled in a way that gives very good chances of success. I don't recall much in the way of "puzzles" either.

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