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downloading maps, the problem

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when i comes to maps many of us may be shit out of luck. i haven't had much free time to mess with the editor so cant really make my own as of now. the problem is places like fileplanet, gamespy and others that charge to download free stuff. or if you don't pay you have to wait for an extream amount of time. granted bandwidth isn't cheap, but it is cheaper than it was 4 years ago. so many of us are unable to download maps as of now.

we should make a community section for doom III maps. if i had more space i would host some maps.

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Keep in mind that even a small map or two for doom 3 is weighed in megabytes, which could cause the archives a lot of stress. My feelings still remain strong that the archives will not be hosting doom 3 stuff any time soon.

Doom 3 is a modern game, and as such we must suffer as those other new-game users do, for now at least.

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Mortictian said:


Go upload some stuff there, then make a page with links to the files you uploaded there, Problem solved. Btw this place is great for just about anything you need to link to.

I dont know why everyone uploads their crap to a Midtown Madness 2 site.Then again I have my own website so it's not a big deal.

Hmm,Might help with Traffic if my and my friend start a DooM 3 section.

Well if you guys want it I can ask him about starting a public DooM 3 section for you guys.

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