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Forever DooM Episode III.....Terror Unleashed

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NOTE: I have decided to change the name of this episode. It is Terror Unleashed, not The Hall of DooM.
Forever DooM Episode III! Well, here i have episode 3 all laid out for you. Enjoy!

THE time came. Scott knew it was life or death. Chris had no idea of the shotgun loading sound. "SHIT!" screamed Scott. A shotgun was blasted, and Chris went down. "No, you asshole!" Scott couldn't see in pitch black, so he went after the sound of the shotgun blast. He felt a person, and tackled it. He started kicking, punching, even he felt a knife on the ground and stabbed the shotgun person. Scott then had to search for a light. In 40 seconds he found the light for the room. Chris was lying on the ground, seemingly dead. Scott went up to him "Come on Chris, breathe. The shithead is dead, get up." Chris' eyes opened. "Ssscottt...He got my foot..."It's ok, buddy. I got a health pack for you." Scott was able to use a nearby health pack to help Chris. In 30 minutes, Chris was unable to walk but they found a wheelchair for him to sit in. Chris would carry the shotgun he was shot with, and Scott was armed with a kitchen knife.

Scott and Chris opened the door out of the room, finding themselves on Plant route 6, or P-6. "Dammit, where the hell are we, Scott?" "I dunno, but this steam is making me......aargh!" Scott falls to the ground unconcious. Chris takes one look at him and says "Aah, he'll catch up. Whatever." Chris rolls himself down P-6, while Scott lies intoxicated because of the deadly radioactive steam. Chris then decides to keep going until "I get the fuck outta here." Chris then rolls on for what seemed like a year but was 30 minutes. He keeps rolling and rolling, finding a crushed human here, and a pack of demons eating sludge there. Demons??? Chris pulls out his shotgun, ever so silently pushing his wheelchair towards them. He looks at his shotgun "Damn, this is weird! It can shoot 2 bullets!" The demons noticed him, and Chris shoots them all.

Scott was left there, unconcious. A pack of imps came by, and were about to eat him when they decided not to and to kill him first. They were able to figure out he wasn't dead. The imps dragged him all the way to the fallout protection area, located on the border between sectors 12 and 13. Scott was still unconcious. The imps walked to a nearby sludge river, and threw Scott in it.

Scott woke up completely submerged in the sludge river. His body burned like hell. Scott saw the imps, too. The imps noticed before he had a knife. They were too stupid to take it, though. Scott now knew to kill these imps and get revenge on Chris or burn here in this Biohazard river. Scott jumped out of the river, pulling out his knife. "It's time for all of you to die, you bastards." Scott thrusted all of his might towards the imps, lunging out the knife. He cut the imps without a big fight from the imps. "Haha, you like it? Well, your buddies are gonna pay you a little visit in hell once i find them." Scott then decided that Chris should die because he had betrayed Scott. Scott then left the river area. He headed on P-6, looking for Chris.

Meanwhile, Chris had kept looking for Scott. He was nervous he had lost Scott. "Maybe he died." Chris said to himself. "I'm gonna be in deep shit if i don't find him." Cris rolled on, finding a zombie here and an imp there, but his trusty Super Shotgun was able to keep him going. Chris didn't know that Scott was creeping towards him, as Scott would see Chris any moment now. Chris was coming back to find Scott where he left him, and Scott was heading forwards towards where Chris had rolled on, leaving him there to die. Die a horrible death. Chris loaded his shotgun. He caught a glimpse of Scott! "Scott, buddy! You're alive!" Scott whispered: "Yeah, come here you asshole. I'd like you to meet my friend, Mr. Knife." "Scott, come here! We may be getting closer to getting out of the plant!" "Aargh....you may not be able to walk and i may be suffering from radiation poisoning, but....Aaargh!.....i'm gonna slice you like i slice my apples." Chris drew closer to Scott. He was unaware what kind of fate was ahead.

Scott pulled out his knife. That and his stern face signaled to Chris that something is wrong here. "Scott, you OK?" "HELL NO!!!!!!" Scott screamed. He ran at Chris, stabbing him in the chest. "Fuck you. You expected to get away with leaving me here to die AND for me to forgive you?" "Aaaaargh......Scott, someday....." "Go to hell you shithead! And good riddence!" Scott left Chris there to die. Chris suffered in extreme pain. He even tipped over into a nearby sludge river. Scott walked on, looking for an end to all these sectors and demons. Something terrible had gone wrong. Scott wondered what was going on in the outside world. Scott walked on for two more hours, thinking about Chris. Did he survive? Did he mutate? He had stabbed and killed over 200 demons, imps, and zombieguys(not to mention 14 Cacodemons) ever since the death of Chris. Scott saw a door and a sign that said "Refuge area". This could be his chance to get the hell out of here.

Scott opened the door. He saw 3 workers hiding. "What's wrong?" "Oh. We thought it was a demon. Please close the door." Scott looked at the TV. "This is Fox St. Louis-Springfield news at 10. I'm George Dickheimer, and this is my co-host, Sussane Whang. Our top story is an International alert. Barbara has the details. Barbara?" "Hi George, well, an international alert it is, as The city of Springfield has evacuated. Also, St. Louis has also evacuated. The Springfield nuclear power plant has had a complete meltdown and the SWAT teams that entered the facility died from radiation mutation. Most of them have disappeared. The power plant is twice as strong as Chernobyl, so we have a COMPLETE disaster here. All people of Chicago have been advised, also, as the wind from Springfield is blowing towards the south side. The U.S. has a complete lockdown issued for the state of Illinois, as so with eastern parts of Iowa and Missouri, Western Indiana, Southern Wisconsin, and western Kentucky have all been locked down. Looks like we have another Chernobyl on hand for an unknown cause, george."

Holy shit. Scott didn't realize this was international. The workers said "Hey, dude. We injected ourselves with this medicene that has a side effect of making you immune to radiation. Try it." Scott took the medicine. He realized now there was no turning back. Chris was dead, and he now has no help from anyone but these 3 workers. But what do they know? Scott also realized if he died, the State would probably be uninhabitable. So many things would become extinct. It would be now up to him to survive and keep the state alive. But he would need a partner. He also needed a big gun. But now was not the time to think of weapons. He needed to stop this war. But how big is this plant? He saw a sign that said that Springfield is home to the world's biggest and oldest nuclear power plant. Scott decided to stay the night at this refuge area.

"So, you guys are the only workers left?" "Yeah, the rest turned into zombies. We survived." "Interesting." Scott said. The conversation broke up. A crash was heard from one of the windows. "Oh my God, something broke in from the waste chamber! Good thing we all took that medicine." It was a demon. It walked to where Scott was. Scott grabbed his knife. The demon snarled. It bit Scott's arm. "Aaaaargh!" Scott screamed. He managed to stab the demon twice in each eye, making him blind. The demon ran across the room, running into a pole. It fell to the ground unconcious. "Aaaargh. My arm. No, no, i'll be OK." The workers wanted to help, but they could see Scott was okay. Scott now knew he MUST find a gun or next time his arm will be bitten off. "I guess it's time we move away from here. This area is not safe."
Well, that completes the 1st 3 episodes. Look for Episode IV-Horror coming soon. Thanks for reading!

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