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Tool to edit PlayPal Lump?

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I know that XWE can modify the existing one but this method is a bit tediuos.

Is there a utility to create/edit/modify the PlayPal lump for Doom engine games?

Thanks, all. I did search, but couldn't find anything.

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InkWorks lets you import a 256-color pallette from a bmp file, and also lets you generate colormaps for them too. I don't know exactly where to find it, though.

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Please don't tell John (Dr. Sleep) that I didn't see this on his web page.

I'm embarassed.
Thanks, downloaded both tools.

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Inkworks is great for creating fog that changes density depending on sector brightness.

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Tolwyn said:

Is there a utility to create/edit/modify the PlayPal lump for Doom engine games?

DeePsea (sbsoftware.com) has a tool that allows both custom palette and colormap editing and importing a 256 color palette from another image.

1. Press F7 - Edit Palette.

2. Then "Get Palette from BMP".

It then asks if you want to match this palette to the DOOM palette. This changes the COLORMAP indexing so the result matches as closely as possible the original DOOM palette using your new palette. This is done (for example, if you do NOT plan to replace all the graphics). Same for COLORMAPs, otherwise those graphics can look odd.

Play around a bit since it's easier to do this than explain everything. Just press the Help button to get some background on how all this stuff works.

And all this stuff works on the shareware version with no limits :)

Click the Graphic Preview checkbox to see how images look as you modify the palette or colormap.

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