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living in a triangle world :)

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Ello.. New on this forum...
Ive had a few problems running Doom3 (Due driver truble, but fixed now).
This problem happends in new games with good gfx such as FarCry and stuff like that.

The problem: sometimes, i get a black/textured triangle from an object (Door, barrel, window, persons,w/e) that streches from the center of my screen and to the object. I hate it. Sometimes i cant see my target and just gotta run like hell.

I have a ATI Radeon 9600 Pro using ATI Catalyst 4.8 drivers.
AMD XP 2400+ cpu
1024 mb DDR RAM

I can post screenies if you dont know what im talking about yet, but now im at school.
I searched the forum with no luck, please reply with the link if any related threads :-)

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I've had this happen to me when I was playing Renegade years ago. I always thought that it was just something wrong with the game, but I guess not. :D

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I get that too. I wasn't totally certain when it started happening, but I noticed it about 3/4 through the game. I assumed that it was stuff at the end, as if id said, "Just box it up, we'll fix it in patches"

But, I just started a new game from the get-go, and the problem still exists. Then, it occured to me, did this happen when I upgraded my DirectX from 9.0b to 9.0c? That might have something to do with it.... I'm not totally certian, but if you upgraded XP from SP1 to SP2, 9.0c might be in there.

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