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The Doom 3 Card Game

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I said in the thread I made displaying my Doom 3 inspired MTG cards that I was planning on making a brand new game, and thus I've began the first step in doing so! The card outline is done. Rules are still being worked out, but here's a preview of the first card!

I'll probably just update this thread as development continues, clear to the final rules and turn structure.

So far I've decided the following:

-There will be two sides to play: UAC (or marine, still being decided) and Hell

-UAC/Marine will have weapons for use with it, using the same location limitation used on the preview card above. The use of ammo will somehow be included as well.

-Hell will not have weapons but it has a ton of monsters, including the bosses.

-Somehow all the locations visited in Doom 3 will be integrated into the game. Wether they have an effect on gameplay or just allow certain cards to be play is yet to be decided.

-There will be alternate artwork for the Entity cards (probably two each)

-The player playing the UAC/Marine will have 100 HP to start out with, reaching 0 or below of course meaning being dead.

-There will be items as well. Berserk, Medikits, PDAs, Keycards, etc.

-Various other cards being planned, including Cranes, Lifts, Spawn spots, Deadly Falls & Hazards, and more.

-For the most part the game will use one card face, but there's a possibility that in the end one or two more cardfaces may need to be designed.

[update 1]

-Ammo on the UAC/Marine side may involve counters. Another idea is to have two seperate decks. One with the ammo and weapons combined, and the other with all the other types of cards. They would both be shuffled of course, and would represent the sort of luck of finding ammo when you need it in-game, same with the weapons.

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Cool idea, but maybe, could you use self taken images in stead of old screen shots

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Ayu said:

Cool idea, but maybe, could you use self taken images in stead of old screen shots

I will. I was just trying to put together an example to show and that's what I came up with :)

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You should change "the floating, flaming heads don't have a great deal of toughness" to "the floating, flaming heads aren't very tough." It looks amateurish and takes up more space than it needs.

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