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Sorry if this is an obvious question but I trawled the rest of the forum and didn't see an answer and I must admit I haven't looked at doom3 mods until tonight.

A custom .script file that changes, say, the behaviour of a character. Does that have to replace the entry in the pk4? Do you have to back it up if you want to restore the original after messing around?

Thank ye.

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You never need to replace anything inside the original .pk4 files, you simply create a new .pk4 file (with the according directories inside) and name it alphabetically higher then the original .pk4 files. Easy and safe way to modify things.

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ah I see now. Thanks. I also see how the loading mods thing works in that you can combine different changes you make neatly, sort of pick and mix scrpt/texture changes in different pk4s, as in here. :P

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