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Doom worked fine... put new vidcard in... now it doesn't.

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I bought Doom 3, played it absolutely fine on my P4 2.8, 2 gigs of RAM, and a GeForce 4 TI 4600. Had no problems. I had a 6800 Ultra already on the way, however. I put the 6800 in. Most of the games I tried weren't working quite up to snuff. Unreal Tournament ran fine. Battlefield: Vietnam loaded up and was running at about 10 FPS. The recently released demo for Rome: Total War ran absolutely beautifully, though.

Confused, I tried Doom, and the loading screen comes up... and then I hear the opening iD software cinematic even though it still says 'Initializing Menus.' The movie sounds end, then the screen goes black, and I see the menu mouse, which I can't move. And nothing happens. So, figuring it was the fact that I don't have my new powersupply (Enermax 550W on the way) I took the 6800 out and put the 4600 back in.

Now, with 4600 back in, I assumed everything would work normally. Doom still does the exact same thing. BF Vietnam won't even go to the main menu and neither will UT2k4. Yet the Rome: Total War demo still works fine. Sloewr, as it's a slower video card, but fine.

After several different failed attempts to fix it, I just saved some stuff, nuked C-Drive and reinstalled XP. Doom still does the same thing. I reinstall everything from scratch on my gaming drive, format it, reinstall Doom 3... and now it still does it. I have no idea where to even look about solving this problem. Any help would be hot.

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Yeah, forgot to mention. I do have DirectX 9c and the absolute latest Nvidia drivers. 61.77. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and tried past versions. It doesn't make any difference.

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That is about the exact same problem like I have had from te beginning.

Haven't been able to play at all.

Difference is that I have this problem with my Ti4600.

Tech support is clueless :-(

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