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Forever DooM Episode IV.....

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Forever DooM Episode IV.......
Here i have Forever DooM Episode IV-Horror.

Scott looked at his watch. It said 2:30 AM. Holy cow. Man was it late. But the area is unsafe! The medicine is supposed to wear off soon. Scott signaled everyone to get out of the refuge room. They were now on P-6(if you read episode 2, you know what i mean.) Scott decided to just hunt out all the baddies and then find a way out. But where were all these monsters coming from? The reactors? The waste pools? Even the rivers? Or HELL? Scott pulled out his knife. He spotted an Arch-Vile! So deadly, they could kill Scott in an instant! "Give me your gun." Suprisingly, one of the workers had a super shotgun with him. Scott fired at the arch-vile 3 times until it was dead. Good. Now they were safe. But not for long.

Scott took the time to think about Chris. Was it right to stab him? Did he mistakenly leave him there? But Chris left HIM there in the first place. It was out of self-defense....right? Or was it out of revenge? By this time, Scott's Brain Hurt. Scott forgot about it now. He decided to take the workers so they could get to the end of the plant. There, could lie the greatest mystery of them all. Where in the hell are these monsters coming from? Scott decided to find that out later and move on.

Scott and the workers walked down the halls of the plant. P-6 started to get smaller and smaller, and behind one of the thick windows was a worker struggling to get out of the reactor as he had been submerged in it. He was sure to die any second now. "Aaaargh......IT BURNS! HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" Scott then started to run with the workers following him. They came to the intersection and a sign. "Authorized entry only. You are now leaving Sector 12. Welcome to sector 13-the river center." Below there was flashing text saying "WARNING-BIOHAZARD. DO NOT ENTER." Looks like Scott and the workers are stuck. Try to face the biohazard, or go see what lies at the intersection. The intersection sign said "End-P-6. Welcome to River route 271, or R-271." Scott now knew he needed a map. Why didn't he think of that in the first place?

Scott asked the workers if they had a map, and they gave him one. It said that they were located on the border of sector 12 and 13, and that Sector 12 is the largest. However, There are 30 sectors in all. Scott is on P-6 right now, but he is on the edge. R-271 is just ahead. It also says sector 30 is "The heart of the plant, containing all of the main reactors, sludge rivers, and our plutonium supply. Be sure to take a stop there!" Hmmm...Scott needs a gun. It says on the map that sector 13 has a "gun area that houses all of our firearms." Scott needs to get into sector 13. He runs to the door that says "RADIATION ALERT. RADIATION LEVELS CRITICAL. DON'T EVEN THINK OF ENTERING HERE." Who cares. Scott threw his SSG away because it was out of bullets. He was in search of something that would stop this....invasion.

They all broke the door open, finding an alert system on. A speaker said "Warning-Radiation Levels Deadly. Evacuate Immediately." Well, they took the medicine, and they still have some, so they should be able to survive. But not for long. Scott took everyone to a nearby shed. It was kind of small, looking like a general store. Why would you have a mini-general store in a nuclear power plant? Now's not the time to think of small things. They all go into the store, finding it to be a gun store. The cashier was lying there, along with 4 imps. He must of shot them and the imps muist of launched a fireball at him at the same time. Scott took the plasma rifle. "Alright! Hell yeah! Now we gotsa ass-kickin' weapon!" Then he handed each of the workers a chaingun. "Alright. Now let's go kick some ass CHICAGO STYLE!!!!!"

They all walked out of the shack, looking for anything to try their new guns out on. Whoa! A hell knight? Should be easy with all our firepower. Wait, something's behind him.....Holy SHIT!!!!! It's an army of demons, imps, and wait, something is cutting in front of the Hell Knight...and now that thing is leading it towards them! It's a.....Scott didn't know what the hell it was. It had a deep groan, a huge rocket launcher, and was enormous. It was a cyberdemon! Quickly, Scott looked up. They were getting closer. All the Pain Elementals were producing lost souls by the second. The demons were running faster than ever and the Cyberdemon loaded his Rocket Launcher. It was time.

Scott loaded his plasma gun. The workers got so scared that they ran into the shack. Scott looked up at the cyberdemon. "You may be 10 times my size, but I have a mind 40 times your size. You're going down, asshole!" Scott pulled on the trigger. "Aaaaaaaargh!!!!!! Die! Die! Hahahahahahhahahah!!" THe workers saw how good Scott was. THey both started grabbing BFGs and SSGs and chainsaws. Bob, one of the workers, rushed at a demon with his Chainsaw. "You like it, huh? hahahahaha!!!!!!" All the imps were now in full production of fireballs. THe demons were chewing away, and the Cyberdemon was launching out all his rockets. Scott couldn't hold the trigger much longer. It was too painful. "Aaaargh! You bitch! Come here and die!" Scott reached his hand deep into his pocket. He found a knife! It would have to do. When the plasma gun ran out of firepower, Scott would either run to the weapon shack for more ammo or finish off the Cyberdemon with his knife. But wait, there was a chainsaw in the shack...he should go get that. The plasma gun ran out of firepower. The cyberdemon now knew to go full blast on rockets or face death. Scott came out of the shack, nearly getting hit by a rocket. Scott paused for a moment. He looked at all the workers. They were all dead. Now everything was after him. This is N.U.T.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(haha j/k) Scott screamed. "Aaaaaaaargh! You will die!" He sprinted at the cyberdemon, cutting it right through him with the chainsaw. Cyberdemon looked down at himself. He blew up. THe explosion caused Scott to go run the other way. He ran as fast as he could, nearly dying because of the explosion. He then looked at what was left of the army. Nothing. Not anything. Not one monster lived. Scott knew now it was done. All of the terror was locked up. But not for long, my friend. Not for long.
Well, that wraps up Episode IV-Horror! Look for episode V-Aftermath that will finish off Forever DooM. I decided to split up Forever DooM into two parts-Forever DooM and Forever DooM 2. Once Episode V is complete, Forever DooM 2 will start. Look for an even more exciting experience! And BTW, it will start with ep. 6 and end with ep.9. They are still the same, though.

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