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What's your Favorite .mods/xm/ogg's

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If you've never heard of modarchive.com, then you should stop by, download winamp, and give it a go.

I was browsing by there site and found some Quake based mod's like this one:
Also quite good for deathmatch music.

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Winamp is inferior to ModPlug when it comes to playing MODs. Some effects (especially the XM effects) sound completely awful/wrong in Winamp. But yeah, check out the MOD Archive.. MODs rule! :-)

EDIT: When it comes to favourite artists, some names immediately pop up ... Future Crew -- Skaven especially, DJ Kike, Nightbeat, Slice, trackz, Necros... Go check 'em out.

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Right now, my personal favorites are "It's Night Forever" (night.xm) which was the title theme from Cyb's Void, an XM remix of "One Man and his Droid", and "He Has No Face" by Skaven.

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Superpants Theme by Mancubus II (i think)

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I've got many favourites, but here are the best:

Necros - Ascent of the Cloud Eagle
Theresa Ðorhuír - Temple of Light
Manic depressive honeybee - Blacksheen
Skaven - War in the Middle Earth
n3/necros (not the same as above) - Climax
Samuli Sipola - Icefields (not on the mod archive, get it from Massmouth 2)
Skaven - Symphony
Church of Selene - Escape
Kivistö (Eterman) - Forgotten Ways
Skaven - Mercury Rain

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so what exactly is it, like more high tech midis? i downloaded the player and a few songs but i dont see what the sensation is about.

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Modules are, essentially, samples lumped together with information on how they're played, much like MIDI.

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The advantage over MIDI is that, since you can provide your own samples, it will sound the same on all computers, and not be dependant on what sound card/soundfont you're using at the time. Also, the more advanced formats (XM) add special effects that you can use.

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Mods are really old though, so it's not like thier brand new technology, but they are still awesome (like Doom). However it's to bad that more players don't support at all or well :P I save all my mods as MP3s so I don't have to use a special program to play them even though I have one. How do I convert them? Get ModPlug tracker, open desired mod and go to File->Save As MP3

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7th Legion's XM's are pretty impressive but sound repetitive and cliche because it contains that god-damned melody I hear almost all the time (and I can't even name it)

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Well I found this wicked awesome Duke Nukem 3d Mod.

First 20 seconds: It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, but I'm all out of gum. (Insert annoying old times music here). This is really starting to piss me off! Then proceeds to play good music.


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Sorry kids, but Modplug PALES in comparison to XMPlay.
un4seen.com -- DOwnload it there

And now, favourite MODs and stuff.

y0da and anubis do some great ambient drum n bass type stuff. Just search them on artists. Xaser sometimes does nifty stuff, ask him on IRC or something. Heh. And of course Necros and Skaven and such.

But then, there's metallurky.tk. Metal mods. You barely find any good ones on modarchive.com, and they all sound like shite.
Some good artists there are:

(NOTE: Only artists that are able to have music to download. I'd put other artists such as AEUK, C0rpse, Betrayer, Tarantula, Hybrido, Grindire etc. but their songs are down.)

Ansgaros - Some great varying music. Metal, non-metal, game music, game metal, some covers, etc.

(NOTE: Problem with host. When it says you can't access the file you are trying to download, go back. Right click the file you want, open in new window, and in the address bar, take away the .zip/.mo3/.rar/.mp3 etc. in the address. Then press enter, and download the file.)


Axeslash - His FTP hasn't been up in a week or two, but he does some brilliant death/thrash/grind metal. Drowning In A Nun's Excretement is a genius song, and his Extinction MOD disks are to DIE for.

Axeslash profile in Metallurky

Buried - Only quite a bit of his songs are able to be downloaded, but what there is is fantastic. His style can vary in MASSES of way.

His profile on Metallurky.

Cadaver - FTP is up usually. Some fantastic songs that vary in samples, style, genre etc. Some songs are pretty shite, but his DemonNinja disk is fantastic. Also on his FTP is a Game Music Disk, with a map16 Doom cover! Shame it isn't that good, though. Also has alot of MP3s and such.

Cadaver profile in Metallurky

Gutrot (And Dormant) - Okay, so right now he has no MODs and stuff that are up. But thanks to the magic of archive.org, you can get his mods! Mostly death/grind/black stuff. Poor quality, great music if you like that sort of stuff. Also does some non-metal MODs too, which are pretty awesome. Check out his brother Dormant if you like Gutrot's stuff, very similar in style.

http://web.archive.org/web/20040212100906/http://gutrot.isterrible.tv/ <-- For Gutrot
http://dormant.50megs.com <-- For Dormant

Luusaha - Brilliant. Absoultely fucking brilliant. Brutal pornogrind and such. Low quality of course, but if you love pornogrind, you'll love Luusaha.

His member page

Nightrealm - He is a genius. He can use samples to their fullest potentional! I didn't even know they were samples at first in his new songs. His older songs (unavailable) were more black and ambient but crap. But not now. More doom, black, death and grind.

His member page. I'd link you to his koti.mbnet.fi, but he hasn't allowed anyone to like, well, browse other files and such. Just use his member page on metallurky.

Ralphis - Sucks.

You don't want his MODs :((


AEUK - His style was different. He had this real garage quality to his MODs, and his really old MODs were interesting. His newer stuff is great, too. But for some crazy reason he took his ftp space down. That includes every MOD he has. Crazy.

C0rpse - Okay, somewhere it's possible to get his MODs, however, I have forgotten. He had his own kind of metal style. C0rpse-Metal. Kinda deathy, grindy, hardcore (electronic), but original. He made his own samples too. His MODs are somewhere. Reccomended.

Grindire - MOSSHHH. When his MODs were up he did some fucking brutal tunes. His Nauseating Disk wasn't up to par as the others such as Gore EP. and A Doctor, but heh, fantastic. I hope he gets his music up sometime. Does some mean chiptunes too.

Hybrido - The grind master. He did some real angry grind ch00ns. River Of Blood, Veil Of Darkness etc. Impossible to find them now. But he (and was a member of Sonic Speed Slayers, a tracking team, which made some more great music) was excellent.

Warlord - His webspace was up a while ago, but when I typed in the address, CJB error, and the actual link the CJB linked to was down. Damn. Did some very good MODs though. Death, chiptune, game music, grind, Primus style. Melodic. And such.

There are others that I may have forgotten that also make some great metal, but, eh. Whatever. Just get their MODs. If you like metal, that is heh

http://www.trackedaggression.com - Musicdisks ahoy! TA9 is fantastic.


EDIT: Yes yes, I used the word stuff way too often. Shut up.
And I know no one will probably listen to these metal mods, but hey, whatever.

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