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DooM Map Idea

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Here is.

The map will be very action oriented.

You need to escape. You are in a underground facility when all goes wrong. So you start to escape.

You cannot return or goind back, because the HORDE of demons are chasing you, so the only way is goind foward. Your sarge will tell you when to turn left, or right, goind upstairs and so, if not, you will end in a dead-end.

So, you are worring about running, fighting every monster appears in front of you, etc and listening what sarge is telling to you!

That map surely will rock!

Ooops: wrong section... nevermind

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man, i only mapped in Duke Nukem 3d, and very little DooM 2... to me its almost impossible to make nothing in true 3d!! lol

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