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tolwyn02.zip Released

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I really enjoyed this one. Survived it at the first attempt without saves, but with plenty of close calls and memorable moments. In other words, I found it fair and very well balanced. However, the fact that I somehow managed to miss the plasma gun probably made ammo a bit tighter than it should have been - I hit zero ammo at a few inconvenient moments, and ended up having to berserk a vile and a manc. :)

BTW, quite a lot of the hanging decorations block player movement if a port without z-clipping is used. This causes some awkwardness that I imagine you didn't intend.

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Ooo. You're right.
Do some limit-removing ports still have Z clipping on objects?

Thank you for pointing that out.
I use JDoom exclusively... I enjoy 1280x960 OpenGL without a lot of changes to the engine. I have all the respect for ZDoom and Legacy; it's just that ZDoom has no OpenGL support (? what's that all about). I get motion sick playing ZDoom. Wierd.

However, I don't design my levels for a specific port (yet). My next one is likely JDoom only, only because I need to stop being lazy. I, of course, wish that all ports supported each other, but they don't, of course. :(

I hope that still it can be completed. I didn't even think of the hanging objects "preventing flow" as it were. Hmmm.

Glad you guys/gals liked it.

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Hey. Last time I checked, it didn't support the latest ZDoom code drop.

And please understand, you'll never hear me put down ANY Doom port. I'm glad they are all out there. I just have a preference for Doomsday. Doesn't mean a thing, since it's just an opinion. I'll go check out ZDoomGL (again). Didn't know work picked back up on it.

I mean good grief, having all the ports installed takes up a whopping 6MB! Oh no!! **GASP**!! ;)

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Cool. Had NO IDEA ZDoomGL was being updated/continued.
Got it installed. Looks nice! Now I can play all those ZDoom only PWADS! Thank you very much for the link/tip.

Does it have a launcher?

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Tolwyn said:

Do some limit-removing ports still have Z clipping on objects?

Yes: Eternity and Prboom/GLBoom; Zdoom has it as an option. It doesn't prevent the level from being completed (I played it using GLBoom), but makes some areas a lot more deadly, since the player has fewer options.

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