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Doom without a scratch

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It's taken me a couple of days however I now have the first few levels of my 'Doom without a scratch' replay done. I'm using PrBoom to create the replay, simply because I need a couple of goes at some parts to get it done :P. Whilst the demo is tool assisted I rather enjoy seeing whole levels go down without a scratch being taken :).

Anyway, I imagine something like this has been done before so I'll get overmyhself and post the link


Please let me know what you think.

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Indeed it is reality style... I've put up all the reality demos originally found on Panter's page here ->


Those are runs through every single level of Doom 2 reality style. Some of them are on Nightmare!, some on UV, some on lower skill levels, one (map 25) can probably only be done with -nomonsters(!!!).

I liked your demo, there are too few reality demos. I've made some, but I seem to be the only(?) active Doom demo recorder to produce reality demos on a semi-regular basis (which is a damn shame, because I'm really a pretty mediocre player, and some people could do it so much better, quicker, and more impressive than my feeble attempts!). :-/

Anyway, you might be interested to know I'm currently working on a "Knee-Deep In The Dead" reality movie (E1M1-E1M8, the very end excluded, heh). Unassisted. :-D

I've gotten up to E1M6, which is pure hell. It'll take me quite some time to figure out suitable routes for E1M6 and E1M7... It also takes a *lot* of time, more than 40 minutes to get up to E1M6 so I'm slow, but I think I'm getting there.

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The download link isn't working for me. BTW, it is generally very useful to include a textfile with a demo, so people know what it was recorded with, which maps it was recorded on, and how long it lasts.

Kristian Ronge said:

I liked your demo, there are too few reality demos. I've made some, but I seem to be the only(?) active Doom demo recorder to produce reality demos on a semi-regular basis

I don't normally sit down with the intention of recording a reality demo, but if I see that whatever I am attempting to do can perhaps be done reality style, I'll often have a go at it. Did you see my aotw Pacifist Reality? That was intentionally made reality-style (I abandoned attempts if I took any damage). :)

However, given that my favourite categories for recording are Pacifist, NM and "die upon exit", I don't end up producing many reality demos.

Also, Vile's demos on Action Doom are reality-style (out of necessity, of course).

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Thanks. I didn't bother checking for that type of thing, since Kristian had succeeded in downloading it. I've fixed the url.

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Great to get some feedback.

I'm still working on it and only just did tricks and traps today, due to lack of time. I admitaddely hadn't thought about map25, but I'm sure I'll work something out when I come to it :D

Well I'm now up to Circle of Death. I must admit it's been a while since I played the old doom last and I can't remember some of the maps as well as I thought I did, so I sort of wandered around on Refueling Base until I eventually worked out wtf i was doing, took me 11 minutes though :P

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