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doombuilder : help required

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Ok, here i am making a hexen map with doom builder so i save it. nothing complicated, less than 50 sectors, most of it is taken up in a staircase. While it is saving it says that the nodesbuilder didn't do what it is supposed to do. so i try a different one, and a different one and a different one. nothing works! I give up and start up my level with JHexen and it works fine, until the origional game, first level and everything starts! Does anyone know what is up with my editor? (DOOM BUILDER) [codeimp.com]

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Try a different nodebuilder or different parameters. Your best bet is to go to the Nodebuilder tab in Configuration (F5) and choose "ZDBSP Fast build (no reject)" from the box in the upper right corner.

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Heh, you did remember to put a Player1 start in right? Zennode won't node a map that doesn't have a P1 start (or maybe it just needs atleast one thing of any type).

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