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Doom3 Info/FAQ Campaign - Your Submissions

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This is the place for you to post your contributions to Doomworld's Doom3 Info/FAQ campaign.

If you haven't done so already, please read the announcement in this forum.

Some guidelines for this thread;

1) This is for your submissions only. There is another thread for discussion/queries here.

2) Absolutely nothing off-topic please. You've been warned.

3) Please try to check your spelling, grammar and punctuation in your submissions.

4) Of course, a big thank you again to you all!

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Ok, here's what I've made so far:
Enemy Guide

It contains health, damage, and in-fighting information on each monster.

What's missing:
- BFG damage calculations
- Damage for vagary's spiked balls (I already have the normal debris)
- Some clarification on the zombies

Anything with a question mark is something I'm unsure about. So it would be great if someone could fill in the blanks, so to speak.

Heh, hope I didnt screw anything up.

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That's great. Right, come on the rest of you, you all realise how good and helpful this makes you look for future reference, right? ;)

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Mr. Chris said:

What skill level did you test all the damage done on?

Please could you post in the discussion thread? Thanks!

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One point I'd like to bring up is that you can use the console command "vid_restart" to call any graphical settings change into effect without quitting and restarting Doom 3.

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As for a walk-through:

Begin. Walk, shoot, ask questions later. End.

I do have a few secrets to share. Here's one from Delta Labs 2 as viewed when you first enter the area:

If you crouch behind the desk and look to the left you will see the button:

Which opens the panel on the wall in back of the desk to get some armor, grenades, a clip:

The following is in the same area as this secret:

Hope this helps. There is also a button in one of the labs, but I think most people find it cause it's just in a dark corner and shining the flashlight reveals it easily enough. Of course the id PDA is well known as well. But, I do have another secret to share which is a panel that opens when walking past a tower...I'll take some screen shots of it when I get to that during my Nightmare patrol...I'm currently jumping through the teleporters, so it won't be too long until I get to it.

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insertwackynamehere said:

Heh sorry about the bump, but I just wanted to know if this was still alive. I thought was a cool idea, when I first saw the thread, but it seems to have died :(

Thats because you didn't post anything. SHAME ON YOU. Ultimately if you think the idea is cool you should help out, but I guess it depends how much our users want a central dw-based repository of doom3 info. If its not wanted then thats fine, nothings lost, but its here if people want to contribute. You get out what you put in basically. You also should have posted this in queries, so shame on you again.

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