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Can't play any custom maps in Doom3

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My doom can't play any of the maps i am making. O_o

This is the error:

WARNING: idSession: triggering mainmenu watchdog
WARNING: Non-portable: path contains uppercase characters: Docs

I've tried to uninstall doom several times but it dosn't work

help, I need to get my level done!

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Well, looks like it's complaining about uppercase characters in the directory path. Specifically the docs folder. I cant imagine why this is a problem though. But to be on the safe side, try changing everything to lower case.

On a side note, I've read that doom3 doesnt like paths or filenames with spaces. I cant confirm this right now though.

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I think i've solved the uppercase problem but what about this

WARNING: idsession: triggering mainmenu watchdog

This is very strange please help! :(

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If I'm not mistaken, that just means that the game is returning to the main menu due to another error.

edit: I also get the uppercase characters warning when running my maps, but the maps still work fine. Are there any other errors?

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and i've tried to delete doom3 and then install it again, but that didn't work either!

I really hate this becouse its not fun to edit.

Edit: i've figgured it out. It was easy, iam a noob at mapping so the map was just leaked and I changed all letters to small in the directory! :)

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