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The Ultimate DooMer

The /newstuff Chronicles DM server

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Now that I have broadband, I'm going to run a deathmatch server in my newstuff weeks for new deathmatch wads appearing that week - unless it's a big-name wad like TLSD, ZDCTF etc. (as these will probably have organised beta tests on a 16-player server, as well as their own permanent server once released).

The running time will depend on the wad - 15 minutes per map (with fraglimit), but at least 30 minutes play overall. (possibly more if no-one turns up for a while)

Of course if I do spot a better server running a newstuff wad, then I'll go and play on that instead. (as mine will only support 4-6 players and might perform poorly depending on other's pings)

Current wad - Xenon Station 1 & 2 (2 maps, server running on ZDaemon)

Next run - Saturday at 11pm BST (6pm Eastern, 4pm Central, 2pm Pacific).

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It worked quite well too, until it crashed between maps 03 and 04...nevermind, I'll put it up again tomorrow (same time) and play those last two maps.

Edit: no server today, as MoDDM2 needs updating on the archives. (map 04 had a permanent crash, so I fixed it and am waiting for the author's permission to upload it again) There is a Legacy wad but I'm not running that simply due to Legacy's inability to minimise. (so I can't check the server from the outside while mapping)

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You could always run a server with last weeks "Storaged" wad. It's not bad. Max 4 players probably.

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