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Forever DooM Episode V.....Aftermath

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Forever DooM Episode V-Aftermath

Well, here I have the Forever DooM finale BUT Forever DooM 2 will be coming soon. Stick around for updates!

Scott was in awe at all of the media reporters and cameramen who were watching him.

Scott had saved the nation. After killing what was believed to be all the hellspawn, he was able to seal the reactor core, causing no further damage to the Springfield area. Currently, the Springfield area is uninhabitable. Many scientists are on the scene, decontaminating the area. It is still unknown what had caused all the hellspawn, and they still do not know what has become of all the hellspawn. Hopefully, it has all been killed. But Chris was killed, too. Scott remembered in his opening speech to tell everyone that he was attacked by what could of been some monster disguised as a human. Scott walked up to the speech stand.

"Please welcome Scott Carter." said the narrator. Then Scott reached the stand. "Good evening. As you all know, our nation relies on a source of power. That is nuclear power. Also, you all know of Chernobyl. Chernobyl could have resulted in the same way all of Springfield's 16 units' reactors melted down. I, myself, did not do all the work. 3 workers were there able help me destroy the hell spicies. (Scott wondered if what he just said was really true.)" Then the media started shouting out questions. "What had happened to the plant?" "Did you get a picture of any of the hell beings?" Scott responded "I don't know what happened, and no, i have no pictures." The media started shouting out questions again. "Is it true that one of the hellspawns is 30 feet tall?" Scott responded "Yes. I call him a 'Cyberdemon'."

Here are 2 newscasts about what happened. These newscasts occured during the plant "failure".

"Good evening, i am Robert Johnson. We have breaking news today, located in Downstate Illinois. The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, the largest nuclear plant in the world, has set off an area alert. All of the 16 reactors have blown up and now are leaking high amounts of radiation throughout the area. People in downstate are advised to leave immediately, but us Chicagoans can stay because the wind from Springfield is not blowing toward us. Chicago will not be affected from this nuclear disaster, but all the cities in downstate are undergoing a mandatory evacuation."

"Good evening, i am Tara Washington. We have a national alert going on from the Springfield Nuclear power plant. The 16 reactors always have known to be deadly. But now, they are leaking extremely high amounts of radiation. One of the locals tells us his story. He lives in Springfield, and has located here to the Quad Cities." "Man, once i heard of the leaking radiation i busted my ass outta the area, i even got pulled over by a cop cuz i was speeding at about 140 mph cuz my Corvette here's got sum kick-ass power! Hehe." "Well, that finishes off our broadcast for the night. And now is a 10 hour marathon of the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I'm Tara Washington, and get yo' fat ass outta Springfield right now, ya heard?"

We return to Scott after the speech.....

"Listen, Scott. They're gonna make a movie on how you saved Illinois. Now, Springfield is being decontaminated and in about a month it will be completely free of hellspawn and radiation. Universal is offering 15 million to you if you do this movie." "Fine. But i wanna be part-writer." "Whatever. But dude, man. I cannot believe you saved the state, man! Isn't it about time you headed back to your apartment in Chicago?" Scott started to remember the old place. "Na. Can i stay with you, man? You got a nice townhome in the western suburbs. And all i need to do is wait for the money to come to me and i'm outta your place. "Alright, man. But because I'm your brother. I was heading for the south side, but i guess we should head straight back home." "Hey Brian, you got a room for me, right?" "Yeah. I don't want you sleeping with me, man. Two men in a bed is just plain wrong. Ever seen Trains, Plains, and Automobiles the movie in 1987?" "Yeah. Hahaha."

Scott opened his door. They were finally home at his brother, Brian's town home in the western suburbs. "Brian, you got a hockey leauge here?" "You bet, man. All my friends play in this leauge." "Guess I should go buy some stuff with whatever money i have left. Probably $400 or something." "Heh. I can't believe you signed up for the army 5 years ago, and now it's 1 year after college and i'm a lawyer and you are a movie star and a hero. Man, they should have you on those "My anti-drug" commercials." "Heh. Well, see you later." "Yeah, later, man." Scott got in his car and drove away. He decided to never even THINK of re-joining the army, ever again.
That is the end of Forever DooM. Forever DooM 2 will focus on Scott's life after the accident and all the horror. Forever DooM 2 will be coming very soon. Hope you enjoyed the action-packed Forever DooM!


Update #1...........
Expect a real treat. This is going to be the best story yet. I am not even close to done, but i will continue to progress. Good progress so far.

Update #2...........
Internet has been down. But, i have finished Forever DooM 2. Hooray!!!!!

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