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Just got Doom3 *interesting spec stuff* + *spoilers*

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I just got Doom 3 yesterday. I have 2 machines at home, one is the family comp, one is my dads. My dad's is a P4 2.2gig, 512 ram and a 64meg geforce 4 MX440

the family comp is a P4 1.7 gig, 256 ram, 64 meg geforce 2 MX

My dad's out of the country so obviously it was time to get Doom 3 and install it, I have to get through it and delete it before he gets back though because he's one of these people who thinks games break computers. Anywho, I thought I would try it on the family PC first, see if it would run, I didn't think it would even open. The game runs smooth(ish) on the family rig, slow down when you go through doors but other than that it's playable. I say playable, you need more patience than I have but I still think it's pretty impressive.

Anyway, on it went to my dad's comp. I've just got to the alpha labs as I'm only going to play it at night. Hasn't been scary at all so far other than when I went back into the toilet at the beggining and looked in the mirror. That made me jump out of my seat. Anymore of that kind of stuff? I find that far scarier than monsters jumping out at me, which so far hasn't been at all scary.

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