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Serious Doom 3 Problem!!!

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I was having problems with doom 3 so i decided to uninstall, and reinstall. The problem is that when the installer begins it asks if i am sure if i want to uninstall doom 3! As if it were never uninstalled. The directory has been deleted from the c drive, and I have removed all registry entries I could find using the search words id software, doom, and doom 3. I imagine the only thing that could be happening is that there is a left over registry entry that I cannot find. Can anyone help. I cannot find any info on this in any forums.

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IIRC, If you copy everything in the Setup/Data Dirs from each disc onto your Hard Drive, into a directory of their own, you should be able to just start up the game with no installation.

Make sure you make a Doom 3 Folder wherever, then copy everything in. You'll have Doom3/Base/ and a bunch of stuff in there, only Doom3.exe should be in the main Doom3 dir.

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