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Anyone Ever Notice The Eyes?

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I didn't notice them my first time through but on my second and third time, I did.

At the beginning of the level where the guy is trapped in the room and you can either let him out or fry him in the big machine (am pretty sure it's that level) you can see a pair of glowing yellow eyes in the back corner of the room.

As you get closer, the eyes duck down behind the crates, and then a voice from that direction says "Over here." When you go to investigate, all you find is some armor shards and some ammo (or something trivial like that).

But those eyes watching you, and the fact they moved, and the voice... that was kinda freaky when I discovered them the second time around. I thought, "those kinda look like eyes.... WHAT THE!?! Ack!"

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Yeah, so this thread is kinda unnecessary now.

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