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My holiday in Spain...

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...and the boredom that it can induce.

But seriously here's a few pics i did in those rare moments where i could pass away the boredom by doing what we artists do best.

Remember there's a zoom-in function if they appear small, in case you're new to deviantart.

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Heh, whenever I end up drawing out of boredom at work, in a hotel room, etc., I usually just throw the picture away (unless it's amazing), but I'll leave it facing up at the very top of the trash bin with my website URL included. A little modest self-endorsement :)

Anyway, the third images is the one I like most.

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Did you see the birthplzve of Jesus? Oweit. i Mean the Holy Sepulcture.

EDIT: is it a sin to post wwjen youf;re wasted?

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I like the dragon.

No it's not a sin to post while wasted. If you eat a bit of bread you can even have comunion. :D

Dominus Pissus

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