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Window-making glitch - almost done!

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Simple. Start wad, shoot glass at left wall.

If anyone can tell me why the original unbroken glass texture does not disappear after being shot at, it would be appreciated.

I actually just copied and pasted this whole thing from an Eternal level (7), so I had to readjust the textures and the hight levels to fit the rest of my level.

The error must have happened when I changed the floors and ceiling heights.

So if anyone can help me with what's wrong and/or correcting it and telling me what you did, it would be great.

PS If anyone can instruct me on how to make my own window so this does not happen again, I would REALLY like that ... :D

And if you're wondering why it is so stretched-out, it's because it was easier to edit in WadAuthor that way ...

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great. geocities is acting gh3y, and I can't upload the file.

I'll email the file to anyone who replies and tells me to email it to them.

Provided you provide your email, of course.

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If you're trying to make breakable glass in vanilla doom you can create a switch (by replacing another switch) with the glass as the first texture and broken glass as the second texture. Set this line to activate when shot.

Edit: Of course, if you're using a port that allows scripting, you can do this in a much more elegant fashion.

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Actually I'm using a regular doom.exe-type thing - no source ports.

I could use scripting, (I have Zdoom and have a zdoom-compatible editor) but I know no java script whatsoever. Or whatever the scripts are written in.

See, I don't even know what language to use.

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Wad author has an ACS editor built into it. You can use that. All you'd need is an updated copy of the ACS compiler and various other files, which you can find in one package at zdoom.org. You can also find scripting tutorials there as well as the almighty zdoom wiki which can answer just about anything.

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The problem with trying to do what you achieve in doom(2).exe only is that there isn't much in the way of gunfire-activated switches. I've tried a similar thing myself, and the only linetype that would do this is a "G1: Raise to next higher floor" type. Cool, were it to work like other raise-to-next lines and immediately lower if there were no higher sectors, but it stays put. So, unfortunately, the best you'll have to do is to fake it with a switch texture, and use the same linetype.

Or step up your requirements, and use a BOOM generalised linetype. If they work, I'll check tonight.

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Well I've seen it done to the left of where you start in level 7 in Eternal Doom, and in certain areas of level 31. Eternal requires no source ports. So there is a way, darn it. Maybe we can get a member of the Eternal Team to give us a tutorial, and put it on the Doomworld Tutorials page.

I mean, we have double crossover bridges but no breakable windows?

BTW, your statement 'fake it with a switch texture, and use the same linetype.' is kinda confusing me ... could you explain?

I'm sorry if I'm seeming like a royal bugger :D


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