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Master Cilander

Okay, I've been searching for a certain level for quite some time.

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I am going insane. I have not found it in Final Doom, Dom 2, nor Ultimate Doom, but I am certain I played one a long time ago. it started with heavy gun zombies coming out of a wall, and there was a cyberdemon outside a window later on. There was another part with chain gun guys across a courtyard firing at me. I am 95% sure it was not in a mod though. If anyone can recognize my description, could you please tell me the level name?

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Never played completely Final Doom for PC, but i'm sure the level you're talking about is on Final Doom PSX, level in a bright courtyard, with a few shotgunners (or chaingunners, can't remember) out of walls opening when you try to access a key.
On the start of the level, there's a chaingunner starting to shoot point blank in your back on ultraviolence.
After that, there's a sort of "arena" with a cyberdemon and chaingunners all around.
Maybe the final level of 1 episdoe of Final Doom PSX, can't remember if it's masters levels, tnt or plutonia.

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