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Alright, for those of you who know how to use the console, you may be familiar with the r_renderer command.

On Geforce FX style cards, this is set to the default of ARB2, but the other options include ARB, ARB2, R300 ,NV20, NV30, Best, and CG.

CG is a programming language developed by Nvidia that looks wonderful and operates quite smoothly, (ex. Dawn, Dusk, Vulcan, Nalu.) so I thought id try it out in the console to see if I could squeeze a few more FPS from my hardware.

I plugged in this: this:"r_renderer cg"

The console returns the message "running in ARB2" Um.. Ok
when I type r_renderer again, it returns the message "Current renderer "Cg", default "Best"" Err, what?
It says it's running in CG in one place, but It's states it's running on ARB2 in another.

Am I missing something, or did ID forget to add support for it? Why would they have included it in the renderer list if it did nothing?

I'm confused.

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umm i donno... yeah i saw that and i have a 9800Pro so i tryed it out by putting "set r_renderer ARB" in my autoexec.cfg and it ran slow and looked like craaaap, so i tryed ARB2, looked and ran just as good as "best" as far as i could tell just by playing... didnt try any others

try an autoexec... maybe

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well, I thought I'd try something desperate, so I copied the Cg.dll's from the Nvidia Dusk Ultra demo and put copies in c:\Windows, c:\Windows\System\, c:\Windows\System32\, and
c:\Program Files\Doom 3\Base\ so I'd know that the Doom engine would be able to find it, and that seemed to work... Sort of. Now when I change r_renderer to Cg, all of the lighting effects go pitch black, and the only thing I can see is lights on textures, and the lens flare around the select few lights that have them. On top of that, the console returns the message MODE NOT SUPPORTED over and over again. I kinda figured that out when my fps dropped from 60 to 3. Anyway, does anyone think it would be possible to write a Cg component for the game? I'm sure it'd make the game look a whole lot better, especially on those annoyingly overbrighted specular effects.

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